Money Fame & Sex (Songwriter Version)

Team Letric

Are you tried of your old play list? Are you looking for new music that has a unique and absolutely different flavor to offer? Then you have finally arrived at the perfect place. With hundreds of new musicians popping up every other day, one can’t help but be baffled while choosing the one artist that serves as the proverbial “go-to”, that one that will provide a constant flow of preferred music. If you happen to be one such individual, Sam Letric is a commendable option for you and let us tell you why.

To begin with, Sam Letric offers a huge range of music that spans various category’s of genre and feeling to ensure that all of the visitors find something that is specifically tailored to their taste. Our aim is to entertain you with the refreshing music that you like yet open you up to new possibilities along the way. Music is limitless in the hands of the creator who would so dare to develop and cultivate each aspect of expression. We’re determined to provide  something you can get into right away and maybe even grow with.

By ensuring a high level of interaction with our users we’re committed to maintain Sam Letric as one of your commendable options. We encourage you to share the music that you’re currently listening to along with any desires of expectations you have for L.E.M.G, Sam Letric or any of our affiliate rather its music production, song writing, or another aspect of the art of music, your expectations are our priority. Ideally, we’d like a large quantity of content we create to be driven by our visitors of this site.  This being absolutely unique and different is what captivates our visitors into becoming loyal customers.

Last but not the least, we’re here to provide what you want to hear and what we think you may want to hear based off your feedback and our creative expression.  If you are fond of listening to live music, we can make live acoustic music for you or you can hire us for one of your events to play the kind of music that you absolutely love. Lets do something new together, lets create the music “we” want. Isn’t that what direct consumer relationship is about? So what are you waiting for? Take a tour of the site, check out the shop, maybe click on the available song at the bottom, listen to Pandora Radio, whatever you decide, consider joining Team Letric today. Be a part of the music you want to hear, help create the culture you value, by making a donation of any amount at the bottom of the page. One you complete the process you will be given a access code and access to the page and the products that are available.



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