Money Fame & Sex (Songwriter Version)


Money Fame & Sex “Original Composition” Video Release

Sam Letric releases the music video “MONEY, FAME AND SEX” from his new album (7 Days). This album illustrates the dynamic metamorphosis of the “original” artist with distinct sensibility of his own depth and range in both vocal and instrumental talents. His album is a chronicle of his assent to fame, “Money, Fame and Sex” characterizes Letric’s daily journey: dealing with the allures of stardom while remaining true to the purity of his craft. The music video gives the audience access to the artist during the creation process. The poignancy of the song is found in the delicate balance between vocals and instrumentals. The melodic hook hypnotizes the listener, drawing the audience into a palpable love story between the artist and his craft. Money, Fame and Sex is the first of many unique compositions that further validate the originality of Sam Letric’s artistry.


SAM LETRIC, “7days”

Sam Letric—R&B/soul singer-songwriter, multi-musician, and music producer—announces the release of his latest full-length album, 7days. This is his junior release, following previous LPs Nothing on the Radio (2007) and LifeLuvNMusik (2011). 7days features the soulful single “Money Fame & Sex (Songwriter Version),” which can be heard for free on Sam’s website.

7days will launch exclusively on his website with an EP and/or single iTunes release soon to follow. Sam can be found on various social media websites as well as on his official website, He’s been consistent about not releasing specifics on the project in entirety but he’s promised to make this project a media-project which focused on the expansion of the brand provide insight in the completion of the album.

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SAM LETRIC, “LifeLuvNMusik”

Sam Letric’s full-length “Nothing On the Radio,” introduced the soul-soaked prodigy to a select audience in 2007. Four years later, it’s time for the mainstream to bow down to the masterful singer, songwriter and instrumentalist’s second love child, “LifeLuvNMusik.” The pastor’s son was listening to Sam Cooke and Al Green at age 4, playing guitar by 6 and named music director at his church at 13. Here, Letric wears his heroes on his sleeve, conjuring Prince and Terence Trent D’Arby with as much ferocity as old-school legends from the 1960s and 1970s. In skilled slow jams “Mrs. Right” and “Genesis,” he is as smooth and sensuous as high-end silk; while he harkens decades past in the delightfully retro “Acrophobia” or “G&S”; gives Stevie Wonder a run for his money on spiritual Kissed By the Sun”; and offers a shout-out to Simon & Garfunkel on “Innocent.” But title cut “LifeLuvNMusik” is all Letric’s, and an ideal opening track, with its urgent click-clack groove and uptempo fervor, truly worthy of launching the singer to a national following. Letric says he’s performed blues, rock, acoustic, R&B, jazz and gospel for audiences of all sizes at coffee shops, birthday parties, church events, clubs and jam sessions. One listen and you’ll know that Sam Letric is ready to graduate from wedding halls to Radio City Music Hall. He’s that accomplished.

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