Money Fame & Sex (Songwriter Version)

Keep Working it …

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Everything you post isn’t necessary although you can do whatever you want with your time. Are we not aware that our every emotion, every word, every action, carries volume not limited to what we see? Or are we so busy doing things because it’s “trendy” to do them without understanding. Lack of understanding is a fools regularity. Believing things without validity in that in which we profess to have found valid sensibility. Our lives, each of them, have purpose and it’s not magical, it’s not mysterious, it’s to honor that in which we value and love. Everyday we pledge allegiance to something and we store up payment of sorts regardless of what we accept or believe. For those that say yeh i believe in God, is it that you can believe that God is good, but can’t believe that his goodness also comes with wrath, is his perfection blind of your lack of perfection? Of course it isn’t, but you’re sold comfort medicine and it’s killing you. They sold you comfort medicine, your ancestors bought it because they had too and now you’re convinced they took it because they believed it, NO, they had to or there life was in danger. #Constantine did a most treacherous thing. How human we truly are, our sense of “just” reasoning is non-existent. It’s not enough to try, we must “be”. Do you get a check for trying to go to work? Or do you get paid for hours worked? As my new journey begins I consider options, choices and decisions that I will have to make and so i attempt to create walls of disciple to assure I choose wisely, i put no confidence in my ability or discipline even though men might choose to admire it for a second. Error is still flaw and I’m sorry doesn’t fix a flaw, a flaw is fixed by simply not committed the flaw. We must strive for perfection in every aspect of life – we have it in all of us although the Romans did a wonderful job destroying our true link to who we are, how we used to live, why we lived that way and what came along with it. Look at the so called Christians still serving the way Rome enforced even 1500 years after their lives are no longer in danger, and yet we wonder what’s happening to Christianity. A bad foundation can not stand, it will not stand. We’re 1800 years removed from ourselves and yet we still have hope (smiles). Although our practice is flawed, jaded and even idolatrous out hearts full of self-seeking adoration, he loves us all enough that our flaws are forgiven even when we continue in error. These are the days of love i speak of, why is it relevant? Love effects every aspect of our culture, every aspect of our society, every leader, every influential person is or isn’t based on the limits he or she places on love in their own life. The days of love in music is gone – it’s like the poisonous lie that if you love God you’re bad for the industry – when truth is the greatest artist we’ve been exposed to stood on the very rock or foundation of love (God) at some point of their life but the industry did its best to hide that from you, instead it took the pure souls and manipulated them with promises of a better tomorrow and prosperity if they would sacrifice there morals, their integrity their “belief” and little by little that man named Marvin Gaye became the opposite of what he started off being, of who he really was, and although you saw and heard glimpses in his music as his soul fought he got to close to the fire. It’s because he was convinced he could walk the line and that it was just business – but when you live a lie you have to wear sun glasses, you have to turn to drugs, all to mask the pain of a hurting soul – So understand it’s always about more than what you’re shown. If you have morals, cling to them, if you have belief’s, revisit and make them strong. Time is showing you what you need to see, don’t ignore it – my lack of shallowness is simply due to a small amount of illumination. We all have choices and I encourage everyone to choose what they will, but be aware their are two voices in your head for a reason, the one that’s hard to listen to represents real life success otherwise it wouldn’t be hard to listen to, the one that’s easy is likely poison or fools gold. Be wise my friends, enjoy your life, work hard but don’t be deceived, as sure as the Sun rises and sets, their are causes and effects to every decision and that preverbal what if … Well what if.



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