Money Fame & Sex (Songwriter Version)

About is the home of a passionate artist who simply wants to share expression. Sam Letric’s musical journey began more than twenty years ago. As the son of a pastor, he got his start in church as a guitarist and vocalist. An ever-growing passion soon led him to songwriting and producing with an aspiring artist from Boston, a few stints with R&B groups, and later the birth of his first solo project, Nothing on the Radio (2007).

Though his first release failed to garner much consideration, it provided Sam with a sense of motivation to create something even better. From here, he began to write and record his sophomore album, LifeLuvNMusik (2011). However, eight months prior to the release, Sam suffered a sports injury which required surgery and extensive rehabilitation therapy. In the time away from the scene, the success of LifeLuvNMusik continued to ignite a passion. In 2013, he began work on his new brand and identity.

Though an unsigned artist, Sam has certainly not gone unnoticed. In a review of his album LifeLuvNMusik, Billboard Magazine stated that he would no doubt graduate on to Radio City Music Hall one day: “One listen and you’ll know that Sam Letric is ready to graduate from wedding halls to Radio City Music Hall. He’s that accomplished.”

In a business saturated with falsity, Sam is a strong believer in bringing quality and honesty to the independent music industry. He relies heavily on passion, originality, and authenticity, and his music is carefully crafted and fresh, offering listeners a new perspective on the culture, unfiltered by major corporations. Creative control is very important to Sam. He composes his music via analog, which provides a distinctly old school feel that harkens back to the greats before him. Sam is a modern-day trailblazer, aiming to lead the pack in a new movement of music and inspire other artists and musicians to take their craft and business to the next level.